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Home Furniture Selection

Showcase your style with furniture that's both comfortable and beautiful.

Choosing furniture is often the most difficult step in completing a room. Each piece needs to not only look great, but also fit into your life. Chairs and sofas should be comfortable and easy to clean, tables and bookcases need to be sturdy. And of course, everything needs to fit in the room without feeling cramped or empty. There is a delicate balance between size, scale, and proportion of furniture. It must serve a purpose in the room, while also adding to the décor. When it works, it all comes together with a look that fits your family.

Our Interior Design team has furnished countless homes and rooms, from bedrooms and home offices to playrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. No room is too big (or too small) to benefit from a professional furniture consultation. We'll work with you on the selection, coordination and placement of furniture to make the process simple and efficient, working with you to fit your budget and lifestyle.

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