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Interior Space Planning

Give the full potential of your home room to grow.

Have you ever walked into a room and thought it just felt a little off? The paint colors and furnishings can match beautifully but it may seem cramped and cluttered, or empty despite the furniture. Typically, this is a space issue and one that can be easily fixed. Interior space planning is an important part of the redecorating process that ensures that each room in your home will be functional, comfortable and reflective of your personal style.

Space planning allows your room to create maximum design impact and functionality. We'll work with you to determine the purpose of your room, taking into account the size of your family, function of the room and maximum number of people might gather in a one area at one time. We'll also consider the paths from room to room to improve mobility and provide an open flow through your home. With the right interior space planning, your home will feel larger and more accessible.

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