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Spray Foam Insulation

Protect your home.

Improve the quality, safety, and overall value of your residential or commercial property with spray foam insulation. From lowering your energy costs to increasing your fire safety, GreenFiber Insulation gives property owners long-term thermal protection with a wide range of benefits:

Seamless Protection: Spray foam insulation completely eliminates air leakage and infiltration. Unlike other types of insulation, spray foam creates an airtight barrier by completely filling gaps and voids in hard to reach spaces.
GreenFiber provides an effective thermal boundary in hard to reach places such as:

  • Knee walls
  • Stairs on exterior walls
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Tubs and shower enclosures
  • Utility shafts
  • Around irregular objects such as wiring and plumbing

Energy Efficient: air leakage can account for as much as a third of heat loss in a home and can result in costly energy bills. Spray foam insulation can drastically lower your utility costs and improve the overall energy efficiency of your property.

Valuable Investment: Spray foam insulation can increase the overall value of your property by increasing its energy efficiency and improving its interior environment.

Controlled Environment: GreenFiber insulation creates an airtight barrier that prevents allergens such as dust and pollen from infiltrating your household. GreenFiber reduces the transmission of airborne sound into your home due to its density, creating a quieter living environment.

Health and Safety: GreenFiber spray foam insulation can increase a wall’s fire resistance by up to 57% and prevents moisture buildup that can lead to harmful mold and mildew. GreenFiber insulation is formaldehyde-free, asbestos-free, and itch-free: it is not made with textile, fiberglass, mineral wool or other fibers.

Versatile Solution: Spray foam insulation can be installed over preexisting insulation to ensure that all gaps are completely sealed. It may be used in cathedral or flat ceilings, crawl spaces, basements, and under floors within residential and commercial properties.

Additional GreenFiber benefits:

  • Metal corrosion resistance (tested on steel, copper, aluminum)
  • Includes limited lifetime warranty
  • The density of GreenFiber Natural Fiber Insulation provides consistent R-value even under extreme conditions
  • Insulation consists of 85% recycled fiber content

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